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Monday, January 3, 2011

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The conceptual basis of Biodanza come from a meditation about life, from the desire to reborn out of our broken gestures, from our empathy and sterile repression structure. And certainly from love nostalgia.

The first cognitive contact with the world, before speech, is the knowledge given by movement. Therefore the dance is a way to be-in-the world, the expression of the organic unity of man with the universe.

The proposal does not consist only in a dance, but also in the activation of affective and communicative potentials through special dances, which aim is to connect ourselves to the others and to the nature.

The transformation made by Biodanza is not only a values reformulation, it's a real cultural change, an affective learning, limbico ipotalamica alteration reaching the success beginning from health.

The Biodanza aim is to restore in the human being the original link with the shape, as a biological whole. This starting point is necessary to survive.

Biodanza finds inspiration in the most primitive origins of the dance as a vivencial moment.
Dance is a deep movement born from the most visceral part of a man. It's a life movement, it's a biological rhythm, the heart and breathing one, an impulse of connection to the species, it's an intimacy movement.

Organic dance can answer to movement models that originate life: generative positions, musical harmony between human beings, deep resonance with micro and macrocosm, Our purpose is to elucidate this movement forms for a real bond.

There is a way of being absent in all our presence. If we don't look at, we don't listen to, we don't touch the other, we deprive him of his identity. We don't see in himself a person. We are with him but we ignore him. This disqualification, consciously or unconsciously made, has a terroristic sence that includes all the pathologies of Ego.
Celebrating the presence of the other, exalting it for the essential charm of the meeting is in this case the only healthy possibility.

Tenderness: quality of a presence that gives real presence.

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